Setting the Standard in LED Measurement
Orb Optronix homepage
Orb Optronix homepage
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Orb Optronix, a trade name of the CSA Group

Light Measurement Systems, LM-80 Hardware, LED Characterization Software, Spectroradiometers, LED Test Products, Elevated Temperature Irradiance Chamber

Orb Optronix offers an exciting array of products specifically for light measurement and the test, measurement, characterization and calibration of LED, Lighting, Illumination and Display devices.

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Low-Cost Goniometer, Spectrometers, Optic & Phosphor Testing Hardware
Low-Cost Gonio-Spectroradiometer SP-100 Elevated Temperature Irradiance Chamber
Low-Cost Gonio-SpectroradiometerSpectroradiometersElevated Temperature Irradiance Chamber

Light Measurement Systems
ETO SP-100 SP-100
LED Light Measurement Systems and Sphere Spectroradiometer SystemsFlat Panel Display MeasurementGeneral Light Measurement
ETΦ LED Characterization System Flat Panel Display Measurement System Spectral Irradiance / Illuminance Measurement Systems
LED Binning & Sorting Systems Character Display Measurement Systems Spectral Radiance / Luminance Measurement Systems
LED Spectral Flux Light Measurement System   
Low-cost Gonio-Spectroradiometer System   

LM-80 Hardware, Light Measurement Instruments & Accessories
LM-80 Oven OmniDrive Metal Core
LM-80 Hardware Solutions OmniDrive Multi-channel LED Power Supply with Monitoring and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

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