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 LM-80 Hardware and Software Solutions
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LM-80 Test Equipment

Complete Hardware and Software Solutions for LM-80 Laboratory Testing

LM-80 BoardLM-80 Active Control Lifetime Test Chamber

Orb Optronix’ LM-80 Optical Test System is an Electrical-Thermal-Optical (ETO) Measurement System customized for IES LM-80 measurement applications. Utilizing a version of Orb’s LED characterization and measurement software, Nexus Runsafe, specifically written for LM-80 measurement needs, the system is able to provide powerful data collection of LED characteristics for accurate Lifetime Lumen Maintenance reporting.

The LM-80 Optical Test System includes an integrating sphere, Orb Optronix ETO-TEC-100 Controller, Orb Optronix SP-75 spectrometer, power supply, and Nexus Runsafe LM-80 software. SpectralSuite supports many popular models of spectrometers and power supplies, including Keithley 2400 and 2600 series Source Meters, specific Agilent models, and others. At your request, we can determine if you have compatible devices already available in your lab.

Optical Test System Specifications:

High-Power Liquid LM-80
Multiplexed, ETO Thermal Platform for temperature controlled optical measurements of LEDs on load boards per the IES LM-80-08 Approved Method: Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources.

For more information about complete LM-80 solutions including Complete LM-80 measurement solutions and services, contact an Orb Optronix representative.


Supported Power Supplies

SP-75 Spectrometer
The SP-75 offers the highest sensitivity, low noise, and fine optical resolution. The SP-75’s sensitivity makes it ideally suited for high-speed, triggered single pulse or PWM calibrated spectral radiant flux measurements.

Nexus Runsafe supports many other spectrometer brands, including Gamma Scientific, Avantes, Ocean Optics, and LabSphere.

LM-80 Thermal Platforms
Orb’s Thermal Platforms are a software controlled, fully-integrated solution for electrical and temperature control of LED sources over time. Devices under test are controlled and monitored to the temperature and electrical conditions defined by the user at test setup.

Orb’s third-generation thermal platform integrates previous design innovations into a compact, effective solution. Our thermal platforms work with our LM-80 Electrical - Thermal Management System to produce valuable, accurate data sets on for each LED on each load board being managed. Each thermal platform connected to the system has individualized controls that allow for fine tuning of temperature parameters for each load board under test.

LM-80 Board
LM-80 Oven with Lid Closed

Thermal Management System features:

Nexus Runsafe for LM-80
Orb Optronix has simplified and automated the LM- 80 measurement and reporting process with its Nexus Runsafe for LM-80 software. Lessons learned from being one of the first independent, accredited labs to provide LM-80 measurement services ensures Nexus Runsafe for LM-80 addresses all aspects of the measurement and characterization process for qualifying devices under the IES standard.


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