LED Test, Measurement, & Inspection Services

Inspection Services

CSA Seattle offers Field Evaluation of Electrical Equipment and Special Inspection of Electrical Equipment intended for installation in the U.S. and Canada.

LED Test and Measurement Services

CSA Seattle’s ISO 17025 Accredited LED Test Laboratory, and CSA Atlanta’s 30,000 sq. ft. test and measurement facility in Alpharetta, GA specialize in the characterization, measurement, and testing of

  • Discrete LEDs
  • LED arrays
  • LED light engines
  • SSL replacement lamps
  • SSL luminaires

Our current NVLAP Accredited (NVLAP #500055-0LED Test Lab offers:

  • IES LM-80:2008 Lifetime Lumen Maintenance Testing
  • IES LM-79:2008 Solid State Lighting Luminaires – Color Characteristic Measurements, Luminous Efficacy, and Luminous Intensity Measurements

Test and Measurement Services are also available for:

Orb Optronix issues reports ready for use with these programs.  See our LED Lighting Programs and Resources Guide for more information:

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