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Integral Lamp and Luminaire Lumen Maintenance Testing

Orb Optronix is a fully accredited Integral Lamp and Luminaire Lumen Maintenance Testing facility. ENERGY STAR® requires lumen maintenance testing be conducted on integral lamps and luminaires to be considered for program certification.

For integral lamps the testing consists of a 6,000 hour test with potential early interim qualification at 3,000 hours if the lamp uses LEDs with LM-80 data. For extended lifetime product claims of up to 50,000 hours, lamps must be tested for 12,500 hours. Included in Orb’s integral lamp testing is the required 10,000 cycle rapid-cycle stress test.

For luminaires there are two options to satisfy ENERGY STAR® requirements for lumen maintenance. These are known as “Option 1” and “Option 2”. Option 1 unitizes LED LM-80 data and a simple in situ temperature test combined with a TM-21 report. Option 2 is equivalent to the 6,000 hour test required for integral lamps.

With Orb’s one stop shop service, we will submit all reports to an certification body for upload to ENERGY STAR®.

Need guidance? Our Luminaire Testing FAQ will help!

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